just sod off


stonesAs a week, it can pack its sodding bags and hit the road!

First, we sardined an extra three family members, along with much of their goods and chattels,without warning into our home. Then, we had the sad loss of someone we hoped was going to be another little member of our flock later in the year. A hoped for sibling for Petite Fille.

On the same day, my Mum was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery to remove a stone, the size of an orange, yes an orange, from her bowel. BOWEL. The poor woman will be 88 in two weeks! The care facility only noticed something was amiss when she started vomiting what looked like fecal matter. They have drained litres of fecal matter since.

Just by, well, I was going to say coincidence, but I think it was more divine providence, my sister and I were at the care home to attend a meeting called by government agencies to discuss some major concerns that had led to sanctions against the management. We were no sooner seated at the meeting, when nurses tapped us on the shoulder and told us Mum was vomiting. Before we even got to her room we demanded that they call an ambulance, which they did.

From there, she was accessed and the decision made to transfer her to a large regional hospital. The story unfolded as described.

Mum is doing as well as expected. She still has drains ridding her body of poisons.. As she suffers from dementia, she is more than a little bewildered, but she co-operates with nursing staff and they reportedly think she is quite sweet, so she must be on her best behaviour. It broke my heart to see her looking totally bewildered the night the ambulance arrived.

She must have been in a good deal of pain, which has been confirmed by the surgeons. So, if the care facility thought that had issues before, well they have a few more now – my sister and I for a start!

For now though, we are just hoping Mum continues to improve and that no complications set in.

But, I tell you, I am so going to beat someone with a stick!


14 thoughts on “just sod off

  1. What a week you’ve had..my little bout of flu pales in comparison, really pales..and your poor mother – my god what a horrible thing
    to happen to the lady, i sincerely hope she’s on the mend, bless her!

    Thank You for sharing so honestly and so interestingly.

    Best Wishes


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  2. Wow. Heart in my throat and a tear in my eye after reading about your loss and then this so called “care” home. I wouldn’t stand in the path of one Flamingo Dancer, let alone the two of you. Arses need kicking and the Special big stick (the one with nails) needs to be wielded.
    My thoughts are with you and yours.


  3. I’m sorry about all these things happening at once. It is hard to watch our parents get old and sick 😦 Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on all over the place- I hope you’re able to take some time just for yourself.

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  4. How sad for you and your daughter and son-in-law. I hope you and they are all right by now.

    My mother also developed gallstones in the bowel and had to have them surgically removed. She wasn’t in a long-term care facility, but she hated doctors and refused to see one, even when she was doubled over in pain. When we finally dragged her into the clinic, the doctor said her cholesterol levels were off the charts, which explained the gallstones. I seriously hope you take a stick to the management of your mother’s care facility. People with dementia don’t express pain the way someone with all of her facilities would. They have to be monitored, which obviously her attendants in the care facility did not.

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  5. So so sorry about the miscarriage. I hope they find time to grieve. Their lives are upside down with the unexpected move to you. That is tough – good of you to put them up but awful circumstances with their loss and now your mum’s surgery etc. Yes – I dare say the care home will find out what’s what when you put them straight. Hope things improve soon…


  6. OMG, so horrifying to think things had to get THAT bad to be noticed. I’m so sorry – and sending good juju for ongoing improvement in MFD’s health & mental state.


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