no spend February? is that the punchline to a really bad joke?

money 1

This is to be the month that I don’t spend any money except for those things considered “necessities”, such as food. Great idea, execution is proving to be a little more difficult.

1. Petite Fille’s birthday – yes, our little girl will be two in a week or so! We are going to an animal park to celebrate, so there will be monies spent, for sure! No doubt we will exit through the gift shop, granny.

2. Son’s birthday. Special one too.

Obviously they are necessary purchases.

Last night I was needle felting a teddy bear for Petite Fille’s birthday – a teddy bear’s picnic theme and I want to take a special bear for her. I broke two felting needles. I need to finish the bear – so replacement needles are a necessity right?

Son and Mr FD both required outfits for Daughter2’s wedding in April. Okay, that can be put off until March, but I think we should keep our options open as D2 has a “look” that she has suggested. Necessity? Maybe this month, maybe next.

Lunch with girlfriend. We have been trying to meet since early December, but life keeps getting in the way, and I am determined that I won’t be the one to cancel next weekend which is the next mutually free day. NECESSITY! She is good for my soul.

Hair cut and waxing. Tick. Professional necessity.

How are we going? Not so good.

The only positive, if it can be called that, is that there are so many necessities, that there is nothing left over to waste on frivolous spending. Ah, the joys of the waged slave.

Maybe I should have named it “spend it all February”!


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