A tale of a woeful ramble and trouble afoot.


Gather round, people and I’ll tell you a tale. A tale of a woman who set forth on a ramble and met woe on her way.

Granddaughter, Petite Fille was promised a ramble through Grandma’s garden, so Petite Fille sat quietly while her Mummy placed her ladybird rain boots on her tiny feet, in the fear we might encounter dragons along the way. Okay, snakes, not dragons, but it is my tale.

Petite Fille, Mummy, and Grandma set forth on their big adventure to the vegetable patch. It wasn’t long before Petite Fille found that her feet were too small for her ladybird rain boots and that made it difficult to walk down the hill. Her Mummy picked Petite Fille up to carry her, but it was Grandma’s house and so Grandma must be the one to carry forth Petite Fille.

Down the hill rambled the Mummy, the Grandma and the baby girl. Through the rainforest and opening the gate, they investigated the vegetable patch and the plants that grew there. Out the other side and onto the mail box to collect the mail was the next part of this rambling tale.

The problem was that silly Grandma had thrown her usual common sense to the wind and had sallied forth in her turquoise thongs (flip flops, okay.) Not the right footwear for a ramble in a country garden.

Grandma carrying Petite Fille did lift her foot to walk over the garden edge onto the path, when what did happen but her thong, a flip flop did do! Grandma stumbled forward but her thought was to protect Petite Fille, so the woman swung sideways, to save the babe. A quick hand from the Mummy following close behind, did stop the tumbling of both granny and child.

Poor old Grandma though had done herself a harm. Her back did tell her that her ramble had come to a sad end. A week later, Grandma is still popping pills, visiting the physiotherapist and lying low. Dear oh dear me, and Grandpa never brings enough tea…

So, let the moral of this tale be,that Grannies should not venture forth in inappropriate foot ware, especially if they are rambling with a babe in arms.

Her sensible garden shoes are now by the door, and never again shall they miss a ramble with Mothers and Girls.

the end


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