If you could have any two famous people for your parents, who would you have and why?

famous parents

At first, I thought I might pick Queen Elizabeth as my mother, goddess that I am, but thinking about it I realised that she is the ultimate working mother, and maybe not always available to her family. Actually, I am sure she was not so hot on the parenting, considering the hours she keeps and the mileage she has done over the years.  I mean just take a glance at poor old Charles and we know that score. So out with Bess.

Meryl Streep popped onto the list, but though she seems like good mother material, I have nothing to base that upon. One must not confuse movie Meryl with real Meryl, and all that. So perhaps not.

Former, Australian, Governor General, Quentin Bryce, popped to the top. Mother of five, lawyer, educator, then Governor of Queensland before being appointed Australia’s first female Governor General, she appears to a bright mind and a warm heart. Open and empathetic, she earned my respect during the floods and fires that hit Australia in recent years.  A girl who was born in rural Australia made her way to the top of the pile and kept her integrity. Not sure if she is right for me, though. She spends her life in the public being nice, not something I can keep up for any length of time!

I have spent my life surrounded by books. I love history and literature, and libraries, and finding out new information. I pride myself on being just a little bit different, an individual. I am better with the written word than the spoken. A mother who would have known what to do with such a child might have led me to even greater creativity. Who could that be, though?

Katharine Hepburn, who helped redefine traditional views of women’s role in society?  Audrey Hepburn, the definitive icon of feminine glamour and dignity, as well as great humanitarian?

Then, the light bulb flashed – J.K.Rowling. A woman of great creativity and resilience, she has nurtured the imaginations of millions. I think she is a great example of self-belief, and following your dreams. As well as knowing your self worth and staying in control. A great businesswoman and an original talent. J.K.Rowling is the mother for me!

There is no debate about fathers – John Green. I adore his books and the work that he puts into informing, educating and motivating young people to learn and to read, to create and to make the most of every day. I think he would be a warm and encouraging parent, who would support his child with love.

So, looking at it, I have chosen creative parents; writers. Wordsmiths. I live my life in education, information and words. I think we might just be a fit.

The only problem is that I am older than both of them – too old for adoption, perhaps? Maybe, we could just go out for a drink?



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