one cup or two; or how never to trust your sister


All my life, I have been of the opinion that my older sister is a far better person than I. Slowly, I am coming to the realisation that she has a degree of evilosity far higher than I ever suspected. Not equal to mine, but certainly living and breathing in the background of her goodness.

My sister, with her sneaky, evil ways, manipulated me into entertaining. A morning tea, with two aunts (our mother’s younger sisters) and a cousin, in MY house. I do not entertain. Yet, there I was with the floral tea set and tiny sandwiches, accompanied by flowers from my own garden.

I am not sure how it happen. It was a very professional sneak attack that left me at her mercy. An aunt mentioned that she would like to have a cup of tea with us. When and where was left undeclared. This was mentioned from time to time,but noting concrete was ever established.

Then, during a phone call it was mentioned with a little more emphasis. Three aunts, the sisters our Mum spent most of her time with in recent years. My sister posed the possibility of her place. The aunts live in my Village though… and they are old. Before I knew it, I was volunteering my home.

I know, even I couldn’t believe the words coming from my own mouth!

Sister did the inviting. Next I knew, two cousins had been invited as well! Then, Petite Fille started asking to visit Grandma and Augie Dog, so Daughter1 was added to the list. In the end, one aunt declined and a cousin never replied in time, to the message left on her answering machine. So, it was six ladies, Petite Fille and cousin’s adult son who has Fragile X Syndrome, a quiet man who loves to paint.


I chose the tea set that one of the aunt’s had given us as a wedding gift, though when I mentioned the fact she could not remember. It has only been almost 38 years! The other Aunt, is famous for her sponge cake, and she baked a sponge for our morning tea. It was even better than I remembered. She is so particular that she claims even the brand of fresh cream can impact on its perfection! It was such perfection I ate two slices!



Cousin is a family historian and she brought many photos of ancestors. I saw photos of my great grandparents ( a gorgeous couple, obviously where my famous beauty originated). There was also a photo of our mother as a tiny child with three of her sisters (7 girls and 2 boys in her family, two others died as infants). It was the early 1930s and they were ready for church in little winter coats and hats. My mother always looked like my mother. You know, how some people change as they grow up? Well, my mother always had the same face. Age has not changed her. We missed our mother from our gathering, but she cannot leave her care facility these days…

It was a superb morning, though I had to play hostess. Of course, I performed the role superbly, but I must make sure I gird my loins against my sister’s sneaky evilosity. If I am not careful, she will have me being social to the masses, and we know that can only end badly for all.


5 thoughts on “one cup or two; or how never to trust your sister

  1. Once I recovered from the shock of you hosting, I looked up Fragile X Syndrome and realized it might be the cause of issues of a long-lost “cousin”. I don’t know that ever knew the diagnosis so it was interesting to learn of Fragile X.

    Please send sponge cake.


  2. Consider yourself lucky. I would love to be able to host my wonderful aunts and cousins for an afternoon of tea and reminiscing. Unfortunately, they all live in different parts of the country so I have to make do with a phone call or card now and then.


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