The Young Person’s Guide to Life : Living Beyond Your Means

piggy iou

Or, How to Work Hard to Be Poor:

  1. Get an arts degree so that you end up being a barista.
  2. Become a teacher and get underpaid for the work you do.
  3. Borrow from everyone you know.
  4. Apply for every credit card you find for the maximum they will allow you to have.
  5. Max out those credit cards every month
  6. Buy a house when interest rates are really high and lock in that interest rate so that when rates fall, yours doesn’t.
  7. Have a child. Have several children.
  8. Give your child full access to your credit card
  9. Tell your child you will pay for their education and forget to point out that the offer is good for only one university degree.
  10. Tell your child, they will always have a home with you, no matter what.
  11. Start your own business.
  12. Keep up with the Joneses… and the Smiths and the Browns.
  1. Offer to be a bridesmaid for all your friends.
  2. Have your hair styled at an inner city salon.
  3. When looking for a venue or a caterer, tell them upfront that it is for a wedding.
  4. Tell yourself that you are really going to enjoy your vacation trip, because you deserve it.
  5. Think that “stuff” will make you happy.
  6. Buy clothes before you shed the weight.
  7. Host Christmas.
  8. Go to the dentist.
  9. In Australia, think that your private health insurance will cover all your medical expenses.
  10. Be a teacher in a religious school because they will always be asking you to support some charity or other. Every day.
  11. Expect to eat healthy food at every meal.
  12. Take the family out to a nice restaurant.
  13. Leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute.
  14. Offer to buy the first round of drinks.
  15. Throw a party for your one year old.
  16. Retire
  17. Outlive your retirement fund.
  18. Require regular medication, multiple medications.
  19. Own a dog.

4 thoughts on “The Young Person’s Guide to Life : Living Beyond Your Means

  1. Buy a new car every year … and one for each child as soon as they obtain their license.

    Buy cell phones for your children when they reach age 5, making sure to upgrade them on an annual basis.

    In America – just HAVE TO HAVE every pay cable television channel there is.

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  2. No. 21 regarding private health insurance applies here in the US too. Under Obama’s reforms the insurance companies are required to tell you in advance how much a procedure will cost you, but mine always sends the information after I’ve undergone the test, exam, whatever. (Happily, no surgeries—yet.)

    I am wary of dentists because as of late, they always seem to recommend some ridiculously expensive procedure that isn’t necessary. And unlike the health insurance companies, dental insurance companies aren’t required to tell you in advance how much your deep cleaning, tooth implant, or root canal will cost you. The last dentist I saw wanted me to see a periodontist, who would have charged me $300 just to sit in his chair. No thanks! I’d almost prefer to have the tooth pulled and replaced with a $250 bridge.


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