The one thing my husband does better than me…


Poach eggs.

Mr FD poaches eggs the way they are meant to be poached. In a saucepan of boiling water with a splash of white vinegar. Pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty good.

I do not.

The only way you will receive a poached egg from my kitchen is if I have an egg poacher. One of those pans with an egg poaching insert with little cups to cradle the egg.

Even then, I can’t guarantee the quality of the poaching. Sometimes, I overfill the pan with water so that boiling introduces water to egg. Worse still, is when I crack the egg and maybe a little egg spills into the water. Then, of course, everything boils up and over. Not nice.

Any other type of egg, I am the master. Fried, scrambled, omeletted (is that a word? If Shakespeare could make up new words, so can the Flamingo Dancer!)  Just not poached.

Mr FD does not poach eggs often. When he does, it is a huge drama. It involves a cast of hundreds, well, me anyway. He has this terrible case of selective amnesia that overtakes him every time he is in the kitchen which means he can never find mixing bowls or spatulas. He always knows where the fridge is, and the bottle opener, but that is about it, poor dear. He always needs my expert location skills. Fetch and carry skills too.

The kitchen is usually a mess afterwards and Mr FD needs a long lie down from the stress and exertion. It’s not a pretty sight, especially Mr FD lying down.  One is left feeling that maybe the price for those poached eggs is to high for optimum enjoyment.


And your partner? Is it possible they can do anything better than you?


20 thoughts on “The one thing my husband does better than me…

  1. OMG! Hysterical! I think men are basically the same. Despite living in this house for 12 years, my husband has trouble remembering where the frypan is or the potato masher. When he cooks, he uses every pan in the kitchen. It is just so much easier for me to do it (or is this really his plan all along?).


  2. Mr. MOTM makes his “egg in a cup.” It’s a soft-boiled egg that he insists must be placed in a coffee mug. He then “pours” it onto a toasted English muffin. Says that’s how his grandfather taught him when he was a little boy. I think it’s an absurd ritual but it’s his and I leave him to it.


    • Women spend money more because they look after house and family. We know when a new storage container is required, or when someone needs new undies. Or when when we need new dresses. I think that women spend it on little things, whereas the males tend to buy fewer but more expensive items – usually technological!

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