If people with one arm go to get their nails done, do they pay half price?

Flamingo glitter sunnies

I ask this because I have one eye. I do not get my glasses for half price.

I always ask, but they tell me they have to make the lens appear the same and so the price is not lower.

There is always the option to wear a monocle, I suppose, but I fear that as it is “out of the ordinary” and not mass produced these days, it might be even more expensive than a pair of glasses. One must not be different in this mass produced world. Well, not if one is poor!

Why do we call it a “pair” of glasses when they are joined as one? Or a pair of trousers, when they are one? Pair of gloves, pair of shoes, that makes sense. Pair of glasses, no.

So many questions, so little life.


12 thoughts on “If people with one arm go to get their nails done, do they pay half price?

  1. Where I live, I don’t get any discount on my mammogram, even though I only have one actual breast (also had a mastectomy). I’ve said for a long time I should get 50% off, but then I figure they probably have to scrutinize breast cancer survivors’ remaining breasts extra carefully so maybe it balances out?


  2. well, trousers used to be buttoned so maybe a pair made sense. but i dunno about the glasses.

    i was thinking about your fake eye, probably in one of my middle of the night anxiety attacks. i was wondering what the socket is like without an eye in it. is it all skin? is it really none of my business?

    i can see charging you full price for the frames but, yaaah, you should get the fake glass for free!


  3. Interesting questions, I have also wondred but thought my ignorance came with not having English as my first language. But now I remember my old English teacher once told us why it was called a pair of scissors… Can’t remember the explanation though… Wired an usless knowledge


  4. I have a friend who has a similar dilemma after losing his eye to cancer. He still needs to wear corrective lenses, but has to pay full price of a pair of eyeglasses because one lens has to match the other. (It has something to do with optical physics. I have no background in the subject, so it remains mysterious to me.) He wears an eyepatch over the empty eye socket however, because he enjoys (says he) looking like a pirate or an international archvillain from a James Bond film.


  5. It is a very typical feature of the English language. Although Portuguese refers to a “pair of glasses” simply as “glasses” (oculos) but in the plural. I am tipping it does have something to do with the monocle, because it went from one glass to two. This is just a guess however. But things are always related, sometimes in very unexpected ways!

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  6. Plus, I would imagine that a monocle is hard to keep on your face because you have to squint to hold it up. I guess you could get a lorgnette with one lens and wear it on a chain around your neck!

    I think mammograms should be charged by the ounce. I’d pay very “little” then! 😀

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