Why does triangularly cut bread taste better than square bread?

sandwich 1

My mother was a no fuss mother. Our school sandwiches were on a regular rotation.

Vegemite for six months, or until we complained; then peanut paste for the next six months or until we complained. After that it might be tomato, which was my favourite, even when it was a 40C day and my school bag had been sitting in the sun and the tomato was all soft and hot. It just needed the right level of salt and pepper.

Occasionally we had a spread called “sandwich relish” which is no longer sold and it is, seriously, a loss to society. Its vinegar, gherkin and cream mix on crackers got me through more than one month of morning sickness as an about to be mum.

No matter what the contents, the bread was always cut straight down the middle, making two rectangular sandwiches.

My best friend, however, always had “exotic”sandwiches gracefully served as four, tiny triangles. Her sandwiches were egg and lettuce, or chicken and lettuce. Some days, she partook of tomato, cheese and lettuce. I don’t think I ever had lettuce on a sandwich until I went to friend’s house to play.

Yet, when we reminisce, my friend always brings up the subject of my Mum’s tomato sandwiches – fresh white bread and deep red, ripe tomatoes, salt and pepper. With a glass of cold milk.

That those sandwiches were always cut into rectangles never gets mentioned… except by me!



24 thoughts on “Why does triangularly cut bread taste better than square bread?

  1. They do taste better and I have no idea why, circular rolled sandwiches like the one in your picture are even more delicious. Thank you for the inspiration to step up my game in my lunch preparation for my children.


  2. They DO taste better. I cut my toast this morning into triangles. Mmmmm, a tomato sandwich sounds wonderful right now. It’s a long way to tomato season.


  3. For me it was always the crust. Special moms cut the crust off. My Mom said it would make my hair shiny. It didn’t. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive her for that! I ate crust all through school and amazingly I still do.


  4. Oh how funny. I just finished a book and they had that discussion in it. She’d gone to cut down the middle and he was horrified because no! triangles. It’s better that way 😉


  5. My mother used to ask with a smile, “Do you want your sandwich cut on the diagonal?” That was the first big word I remember learning. For some reason, when it was cut on the diagonal, the sandwich seemed special and tasted better.


  6. Amazing how our lunch sandwiches were always inferior to our friends – I remember scrambled egg sandwiches on toast with ketchup wrapped in foil as though the foil would keep them warm until the lunch bell at noon (with crusts, for curly hair). I would sit near the local butcher’s daughter who always had some sort of luscious meat sandwich, except on Friday when meat was forbidden in our Catholic school. I was so jealous that they were so wealthy as to afford a daily meat sandwich. Thanks for poke in the memory.

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  7. No matter how my mind tells me otherwise, it seems to me that square cut bread has twice the crust as triangle cut bread. I can’t get myself to believe otherwise.


  8. I used to have banana sandwiches – year in/year out! And they were always brown by the time I ate them.

    Somehow the ‘follow’ button fell off – I thought you hadn’t posted for a while but we are back on track now 🙂

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