If history repeats itself

history 1

Maybe, not the dinosaur, but…

I would “shirt front” a few kings, politicians and popes and tell them to “leave the girls alone”. Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, thank you very much, and if Henry VIII wanted to poke around and then fester into a stinky mess then what was sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander! Off with his head!

I would make sure Australia’s education system was a federal one with no state interference and therefore uniform across the nation. Education would not be political, at all.

Parents would stop blaming teachers for their own bad parenting.

I would drown Rupert Murdoch at birth. How could such a wonderful woman such as Dame Elizabeth Murdoch have given birth to that manipulative creature?

Party politics would be outlawed everywhere, and “real” democracy maintained. Death to back room deals and faceless power men.

Arnold Schwarzenegger would be made to be the husband that Maria Shriver deserves.

Oprah wouldn’t be allowed to become so fixated on “stuff” and Martha would make it cool to make a mistake.

Reading would remain as popular as running around in exercise gear trying to look like a sixteen old, is now.

Makeup would never have been invented, nor would the word “skinny”.

Sugar and salt would be “sometimes” foods.

Happiness would be viewed as internal, not external to ourselves.

The world’s favourite colour would be blue.

Religion would not be based on punishment and reward, and difference would be exalted.

I would be boss of the world and loved by all. It would be a good world.

It would be a great world,



15 thoughts on “If history repeats itself

  1. I applaud all of your adjustments to history, though I don’t see how we could improve the attitude of parents who think the upbringing of their children is the responsibility of teachers. I see children who never wash their hands, even after using the toilet; children who come to school in a chilling downpour with just a hooded sweatshirt and canvas shoes, with no homework folder or lunch in their backpacks; children who are startled to discover it’s NOT all right to shout out or get out of their seats and walk around the room while the teacher is speaking to the class. When in history did this lapse in parenting appear? It’s almost as if the parents regard their children as unwanted pets.


  2. I was worried that chocolate would get outlawed but I can breathe a sigh of relief! I like your kingdom (or whatever it is). Women would make great rulers. Not so much testosterone going on there, more care taking and warmth.


  3. Happiness IS an internal thing, for those who haven’t understood this haven’t found their happiness. Sorry.

    What do u say? One part of the world belonged to you, the other to me? We sit somewhere inbetween sipping Elderberry drinks of our choice.


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