Two down, 363 to go!

You’ve been on hold for a day or two, haven’t you, dear? I have been off living a life.

A phone call asking for a New Year’s Eve babysitter, sent Daughter2 and I off to the city to care for Petite Fille while her parents partied their way into 2015 at a pool party. Daughter2’s Beau had already returned to the west coast and to work, so she had a quiet New Year’s with Mama on the couch watching truly terrible television.

We had gone out for take out Thai food and a bottle of white wine for dinner, and as we walked back into the house, Petite Fille declared “Party!” I wasn’t even wearing a paper hat! I think my granddaughter may be  a party girl at heart, if it is possible to be  a party girl at 22 months of age.

I have to admit that after two glasses of the wine, I didn’t actually see the New Year in. Daughter2 informs me I snored the New Year in, as if it was possible that a Flamingo Dancer would ever consent to snore; but I was asleep. Sleep is high on my New Year’s Resolutions List, so I am off to a great start for the year!

New Year’s Day we decided to go out to brunch, but being Brisbane most of the cafes and restaurants were closed for the public holiday, assuming everyone in the world was snoozing off a hangover. We found one restaurant with a spare table, but they told us there was a two hour – TWO HOUR- wait on food, so we moved on. The only other alternative did not warn us of any wait, but wait we did. It was well over an hour before our simple orders of raisin toasts and fruit salads arrived. Then they tried to give D2 cow’s milk instead of soy milk coffee, which would have given D2 a very distressing outcome had she consumed it. They made fresh coffee.

Jan2 was a wedding shopping day. Daughters went bridesmaid dress shopping while I stayed home with Petite Fille (and yes they found one). The ladies were gone all day – the first day D1 has spent away from Petite Fille since she was born. The most she has ever been away has been three hours previously.  We all survived, though Grandma was rather tired by the end of a day making buses out of chairs and rugs, and crawling around the floor finding pieces of duplo. I may have developed an eye twitch due to near exhaustion by the end of the two days, but all was good.

Big hugs for D2, as I left. She returns to Perth, on Sunday. I will see her once more, for a long weekend, before she returns for the April wedding. Looking forward to more happy times in 2015.

Living the life, as I said, even if all the niceness kills me in the process!

happy person


5 thoughts on “Two down, 363 to go!

  1. Happy New Year from work! Not sure if having the first work day of the year on a Friday is a good thing, or if having the first work day of the year on a Friday a stain on the good name Friday!


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