seek no answers here


Me: “The notice says that the surgery is open every second Saturday.”

Receptionist nods in agreement.

Me: “Would that be the first and third Saturday, or the second and fourth Saturday of the month?”

Receptionist looks at me as if  I have just asked her to donate her kidney to me.

Me :”I was just wondering which Saturdays the surgery is open.”

Receptionist: “We were open last Saturday and we are open this Saturday.”

Me: “I don’t need an appointment. I was just wondering what the schedule is; first and third Saturdays, or second and fourth for example.”

Receptionist shrugs her shoulders and looks at me as if I am a sandwich short of a picnic. “We were open last Saturday and we are open this Saturday, because a lot of people want to get things sorted before going on holidays”.

She’s lucky the pen she handed me to sign my medicare form is not already poking out of her left nostril.

“And after that? In the new year, how will I know on a Saturday, whether the surgery is open?” Am I speaking in tongues?

Receptionist mutely stares back at me.

“So, basically, what I have to do is phone to find out if you are open on any particular Saturday?”

Receptionist nods silently.

I was imagining her going into the back room and sharing with the other nurses, “There was this woman who just asked me which Saturdays we were open!” and her colleagues would all hoot in merriment at the stupidity of their patients.


“Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”
― Euripides, Bacchae


2 thoughts on “seek no answers here

  1. Wow. Regardless of what the notice proclaimed, according to not so bright receptionist, since they were open two consecutive Saturdays, it has to be open the first and second, or the third and fourth Saturday’s of the month. Is she drinking on the job??


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