no egg on this face


Baking day. Eggless baking day. Petite Fille has an egg allergy and until her allergy specialist gives her the all clear, we shall eat eggless. To be more accurate, she is eggless and no sugar (parents choice). If we do use sugar, we use dextrose.

Daughter2 is dairy free, need, not choice, and gluten free as much as possible.  Add son in law who is a food technologist and knows all the horrible things that go into our food, and it makes cooking for a special occasion… well, let’s just say, challenging.

D2 is not home on Christmas day, so we can eat dairy, but eggless and sugar free. Today, I made eggless, banana bread and chocolate berry muffins. I also baked a batch of eggless chocolate muffins.

The Monday after Christmas , D2 will be home. In fact, we are hosting extended family, and that means the full menu is dairy free, eggless and no, or little, sugar. I try to avoid nuts and seeds due to my diverticulitis. Whew!

Others are bring food as well, mainly salads, but I always make sure I cover our family needs. I don’t ask others to meet our “standards”,  or requirements. I tell them to bring what they want to eat. Somehow it all comes together, but it is a bit of a juggling act and can be exhausting. Also costly.

It is hard to reconcile why “healthy” food should cost so much more than “unhealthy” food. I know, it is all about supply and demand, and economies of scale, but maybe some government help there, might trim the health care budgets in the long run.

Also, supermarkets don’t carry many of the items and that means a trip to the health food store, not an easy thing when one lives in the country. If I want chocolate I can get half an aisle of chocolate and lollies, but dextrose? Rarely, and when I do it is in the home brewing area!

Christmas, I know. I won’t get onto my soapbox… but it does deserve a “conversation” as the politicians like to say, don’t you think?



5 thoughts on “no egg on this face

  1. I so understand what your experience is. Me? Gluten free, vegan, low glycemic foods. It is hard to find what one can eat, and costs way more than “regular” food. Throw organic into the mix, and costs are out of the ballpark. Good luck with your holiday meals! I will be thinking of you.


  2. My husband and I were talking about our circle of friends — a diabetic, a morbidly obese person who is sort of always on a diet of some sort and a couple who can’t eat aromatics like onions with trashing the bathroom! We did a gift exchange and (foolishly) I brought salted nuts. Fortunately the person who selected the gift could eat them! Next year I’ll stick with….let’s see…can’t do candles (some are scent sensitive), can’t do flowers (one has pets who eats them), can’t do fuzzy socks (one is menopausal and can’t stand fabric on her feet)…..oh dear…maybe I’ll call in sick.


  3. It’s the same with my family and friends. Vegans, Vegetarians, Paleo dieters, Lactose intolerant, Diabetic, and Celiac. Still, we all manage to find something to eat. I agree with Valleygrail, why is food without additives more expensive than food that has them?

    Merry Christmas to you all.


  4. You probably know already that vegan recipes work very well for people who have egg allergies. Eggs work mostly as a binder in baked goods, with their fat adding to the “fluff” and flavor. I’ve seen recipes where the cook substitutes applesauce and vegetable oil. There’s also a vegan mayonnaise that works surprisingly well in muffins, cakes, and brownies, but I imagine you will have to make a special trip to find that. (A jar does last a while, unless you are baking daily over the holidays.)

    I’m vegetarian, Son is a vegan, younger daughter has an ulcer and can no longer eat spicy foods, and older daughter is lactose intolerant. The grandbaby shows no signs of allergy to anything yet, but his parents won’t allow him to eat sugar and he hates oranges to the point where he screams if he sees you peeling one. Remarkably, we always manage to pull off the holidays with few complications. If everyone agrees to eat what the other eats, and thankfully none of my children are picky eaters, meals can be harmonious. Merry Christmas!


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