pausing to care


This day has brought Australia a second tragedy. Eight children have been found dead, in Cairns. A woman, assumed to be their mother, is in hospital with stab wounds. Reading between the media lines it is possible she has been the perpetrator of this tragedy.

This day, along with the siege that occurred in Sydney earlier this week, that ended in the death of two victims, has brought the Australian people to a sad place, just days before Christmas.

The world also witnessed the death of students and teachers in the Pakistan school attack. It is hard to pick up the Christmas spirit to celebrate after all these horrific events.

Hug your loved ones.


16 thoughts on “pausing to care

  1. I have just heard this on the news updates. I cannot believe it, a mother allegedly stabbing her own children, eight? It’s too horrific to imagine. Might just be me, but the link to the article didn’t work for me.


  2. The news on the other side of the pond hasn’t been any better. I don’t know what it is about the holidays that brings out the worst in people. I have been having a hard time writing a humor blog when there isn’t much humor hanging around.


  3. I can’t hit the “like” button to such sad news. I think the holidays tend to underscore tragic events, especially if they involve children, who are supposed to be the very heart of Christmas celebrations. Hug your loved ones close, indeed.


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