Flamingo Dancer almost goes a step too far


To be less boring, step outside of your comfort zone and do something that scares you, advised Professor Google.

I decided to clean and tidy the laundry room.

It was never a good idea.

Let’s be frank, it looked like a scene from a World War II movie after  both armies had fought a long and bloody battle back and forth for a number of years. No prisoners were taken. It should have been declared a no man’s land. Well, it kind of is, for rarely does man set foot in there. Son stores his cans of Pepsi in the fridge in there and that is the only time he ventures over the threshold. Mr FD entered on the day we moved in, two years ago, to set down a couple of boxes. He hasn’t returned since.

Oh, and the boxes are still there.

I figured that if that “stuff” had not been required in two years, its best storage place was the garbage bin. The bin was full however, and pick up day is another two days away.

There was a box of coat hangers that I tried to wrestle into submission, but they won. How do coat hangers, so called inanimate objects, tangle themselves around each other, as they sit in a box? I guess if we knew that we would possibly have the answer to the meaning of life as well.

Balancing on the edge of one of the boxes, I found a laundry basket filled with unmatched socks. I took them out to Mr FD and informed him that he had nothing to, and so he could match the socks. He made no argument, merely  requested that I take the basket to our bedroom and place it on our bed, where he would endeavour to sort them shortly.

That night I moved the undisturbed basket from the bed to the only vacant corner in our bedroom. Our bedroom is something that scares the entire family.

Back in the laundry room, I found a pile of dirty linen that I had been thinking was clean laundry, just not folded laundry. That managed to cover a couple of dirty spots on the floor tiles, thus alleviating the need to wash the floor.   Of course it was raining, so the laundry couldn’t actually be put in the washer. It had to wait for a sunny day…tomorrow, tomorrow, there will always be tomorrow…

The thought that I might actually accomplish something was perhaps a step too far out of my comfort zone. I am fresh on the “non boring” person program, after all. Best to take things slowly. I changed the hand towel over the sink.


9 thoughts on “Flamingo Dancer almost goes a step too far

  1. I think wire hangers are constantly attempting to mate… first you find them tangled, later you find another tangled pile in a spot you don’t ever remember setting them.

    I’ve been in my house for 12 years. I know there are some boxes which have not been opened since moving (but have collectable items) and, I believe, several bags o’ crap (most likely kitchen accessories).


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