Peak hour and noisy neighbours

duck cow 2

Busy on the roads today. I had to wait for four cows and a duck to cross the road as I was driving down the long lane into the Village.


Five thirty am, I am standing in the kitchen crafting a sandwich for my school lunch when the alarm system starts shrilling. Mr FD starts shrilling from the bedroom, “What are you doing out there?”, which I ignore as I go to the control panel and start pressing numbers. Poor Augie dog hides in a far corner of the garage.

Son crawls from his room and takes over the control panel. We decide it is the fire alarm, but nothing is burning. I hadn’t even made toast.

Half an hour later the alarm is still screaming, so Mr FD phones the electrician who lives two houses away. His wife answers the phone with “The alarm, right?” before handing over to her husband.

No one came to check if we were burning in our beds.



4 thoughts on “Peak hour and noisy neighbours

  1. I laugh at myself when I complain about having to wait at an intersection for 3 or 4 other cars to pass before I can cross … and then read other people posting about real traffic.

    Several years ago our robbery alarm at work went off. It’s silent, so we had no idea. The State Police telephoned us to see if everything was okay. “Yes.” I said. “And I’d also be saying ‘Yes’ if there was a problem and someone was holding a gun to my head!” (It ended up being a mouse-chewed wire, but since then they always send someone by to make sure – instead of calling).

    Now, just how hard were you brushing that knife across that bread?


  2. Once I was in a hotel in New York and the steam from my shower set off the smoke detector. I jumped out of the shower and unsnapped the smoke alarm from the wall, thinking I’d take out the battery. I pulled it off the wall and about a foot of uninsulated wire came out with it. So now I’m naked, soaking wet, holding wires with live AC voltage on them.
    If I would have gotten zapped, I’d be a millionair right now.
    But nobody came to my room to check it out.
    On a side note, I read that car alarms are the most ignored sounds on earth. Noboddy even gets up to look when a car alarm goes off… Unless if it might be your car!


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