it’s a gift

gift 1

A number of my student creative writers’ group are seniors and graduating this week. At our last gathering they presented me with a gift. I can only think that they must have noted every single thing I ever mentioned I loved for they filled a box with:

English Breakfast tea bags

Two small bottles of champagne

A box of chocolates

A bag of jelly baby lollies

A moleskin notebook

A pen inscribed with the word “Boss”

and a small white Teddy Bear.


I was stunned, and almost burst into tears, but big Flamingo Dancers don’t cry. I was just trying to form the words to thank them, when one of the students piped up and said,

“We’re sorry Miss, we couldn’t find the right stick to put in the box.”

Yes, they had even remembered my stick list!

They have all promised to dedicate their first novels to me, and on their author tours will return to the school and speak to the students of the time.  Good luck to each and everyone of them, bless their little writing souls.


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