not taking a leaf out of their book

bark 1

We have probably a dozen large gum trees on our property. They must be a hundred years old at least, some of the original forest in this area, before there was a Village, or streets, or houses. They are the tallest trees in the Village and can be seen for some distance.  Our trees provided the street appeal that had us falling in love with what is now our home, before we even got out of the car.  Majestic, stately, and once a year they shed bark.

Every single day, I sit quietly for a time and watch the trees growing, the birds living in their branches and thank the Big Whatever for leading us to our little piece of paradise.

This week, I arrived home from work to be told by Mr FD that our neighbours, who moved in about three months ago, had telephoned to complain about the leaves and bark that blew into their yard during a recent storm.

The inference was that we should chop down the trees.

Angry doesn’t quite describe my reaction.

How can you buy a house, next to a tree filled block and then complain about tree litter? None of the trees have any branches anywhere near their property, we are merely speaking of leaves and bark whipped up by the wind. Before the storm there was little litter on the ground as Son maintains the lawns as park like as is humanely possible.

Let me also share the information that their property also has trees, though not the type we have, ours are native. There are however the exact same trees on the crown land at the back of both our properties, land that is not maintained by the council and is therefore a fire hazard. There are also trees on the other side of their property adjoining with their other neighbour.

The trees are staying. They have no legal footing. If they want to return  the leaves to us we are quite happy to put them in our compost. Of course, they would need to confirm that they were our leaves and not anyone else’s.

Why do people have to go out of their way to be objectionable?


7 thoughts on “not taking a leaf out of their book

  1. Something is wrong with those neighbors. Don’t they get that things just blow around. If they don’t want tree litter, they should place wire netting around their homes….or something. Thats just kind of life….


  2. that happened to my parents… except the new neighbors went as far as hiring tree trimmers who completely bared the trees on their side. then, due to the high risk of that killing the trees, my parents had to get a lawyer. it all worked out in the end but the neighbors never stopped being aholes.

    Conversely, I’ve got nutty Jesus/Jessie next door who is borderline fanatical about planting trees, usually trees that grow to gigantic proportions and he plants them right against our property fence, so they’re not only dropping leaves & seeds but also splitting the fence and pulling up my backyard slab.


  3. People like that have far too much time on their hands. Let them clean up and shut up. If they try to make trouble, I know someone in your neck of the woods, so to speak and no pun intended. Lucy


  4. They would never survive in my neighborhood. Now that it is fall/winter here and all the leaves are falling and the wind is blowing from the north … I have no leaves in my yard. They are all across the street. They are most welcome to complain, and I’ll pass it on to the trees.


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