guess who is coming to town?


The G20 is taking place in Brisbane, about an hour’s drive from our Village. All week military helicopters having been flying over our house, first as training exercises and later, I can only surmise, as the world’s leaders started arriving.

Jacob Zuma of South Africa was the first to arrive on Thursday. The news reel showed only one wife, perhaps his others were in the luggage compartment.

I was in the school library, 2o minutes west of Brisbane, on Wednesday when Obama’s helicopters made a sortie overhead. Obama was still attending APEC in China, so it was a training run. They were such big, heavy craft that the noise made us stop speaking as we couldn’t be heard, and the sound waves could be felt. It really did feel like an invasion.

I support leaders getting together, but does it have to be in my back yard?



8 thoughts on “guess who is coming to town?

  1. I also was going to say “Santa Claus?” Who would have thought it would be Obama?

    We used to live under a flight path to the international airport. There were days where I wanted to scream because we had to endure the roar of jets flying overhead, usually during dinner hour or when we were watching television. When Mikhail Gorbachev flew into town to parlay with the governor of Minnesota, the military completely shut down the rest of the airport and all air traffic. For four glorious hours, there wasn’t a sound in the skies above our house. The only jet we saw or heard during that time was when Gorbachev took off to visit California. We watched his jet disappear into the sunset. Shortly afterwards, the sky was filled with roaring jets. Oh, to have the power to stop all air traffic for a day.


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