Update : food service, cake and Marie Antoinette.


For those who read my weekend post about my planned cooking frenzy, I am happy to report that I actually accomplished it!

I started with the Christmas cake by setting the fruit to soak in brandy Friday night, so that went into the over early Saturday morning. By the end of Saturday, I had accomplished aching feet, befuddled head, and eight meals x 3 servings to a total of 24 individual meals in the freezer.

The aromas in the kitchen drove both Augie Dog and Mr FD crazy all day as they were given no tempting tastes, well Augie may have scored a little bit here and there that might have hit the floor from time to time.


I would advise anyone attempting this to clean as you go. Once I had one recipe completed, I put all the dishes through the dishwasher before going onto the next. Far less stress in the end, and also no mountain of cleaning at day’s end when exhausted.  Also double the amount of storage containers you think you might need, so that you can portion appropriately to you family.

A little like a marathon I made sure I drank plenty of fluids and gave myself a lunch break. Pacing is important, otherwise you might find yourself putting the wrong ingredients in a recipe…not that I would ever do that! I can hear Daughers’ comments here, “Mum, remember the time you put a jar of mustard in a dish instead of a tablespoon? and the time…” 

Hopefully when the containers are taken out to eat, the food will be tasty and enticing, and don’t remain as rejects in the freezer for two years until we throw them out!

christmas koala

Every year, after I take the baked Christmas cake from the over, I always think “well even if something happens to me between now and Christmas, they will eat cake!” Marie Antoinette and I have a lot in common.


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