finding the magic

teacher pupil

Twice this past week I have been gifted two wonderful moments by students.

The first was during my ICT class, which is a double period. I always pause the class half way through the double and allow students to go out for a drink or a toilet break. No one should sit for that long without a stretch, especially if they are working with their laptops for the whole period. So, out they go, and one student returned with a small gardenia flower from the garden near the library, and quietly placed it on my laptop keyboard.

The second moment was when I was walking across the school campus, and a student paused at the classroom door he was about to enter and called, “Hello, Mrs F.D., you are my favourite teacher!”

Makes a change from the students who ask how much I adore them! Those are far more in number.

I’ve got to remember those moments on the days I am so stressed I want to go and lie in the street. Speaking of which, the student who was suspended for, first swearing at Minerva, my erstwhile library aide, and then swearing at me and storming out of class, returned to class at the end of last week. He was perfectly behaved, but then nothing occurred to trigger him, I suppose. Just another three weeks of that class!



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