pretty bubbles everywhere,

In the last few weeks I have been meditating on a regular basis. I have mentioned that in previous posts (where were you?). This past week, I have been meditating with a focus on creativity.

When I imagine “creativity” I always visualise bubbles. I start with one or two bubbles, until I have a world of bubbles. They are just floating, and glistening in the sun. Bubbles were not a conscious choice; bubbles just appeared when I thought of creativity. As you know (should I bother asking, where were you?) I spend a lot of time blowing bubbles with Petite Fille, maybe bubbles mean something deep to my subconscious.

I don’t know if this is relevant but I am right handed, and of course I also have no right eye (again, where were you?). When I visualise, I “see” the bubbles on the right side of my “view”. To me this is odd, because if I had my eye(s) open and was actually looking at real bubbles I would view them to the left, so to speak. Yet, when I visualise I see with my “right”.

It gets odder though.

If I visualise “anxiety” I visualise little cars. I visualise little, black cars driving up and over hills, away. These cars are on the left side of my “vision”. So, right vision for creativity and left vision for anxiety. As though you needed further proof of my uniqueness!

Maybe it is all those left brain, right brain things, that are such a mystery to everyone.


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