two into one, go, go, go!


I make no secret of my love for tea. Real tea. Black tea. My enjoyment of the odd glass of chardonnay is also something I am happy to share with readers. Today, I saw these and I knew my life was about to be complete.

teacup glass

My colour of choice for china is always white, or blue. Many special occasions will see the willow pattern china on the table. I have been known to sit with a cup of tea and a glass of wine at the same moment. So, be still my beating heart! 

The elegance, the form, the function, the style – the absolute perfection. If I had one of these it would be written into my will that it must be buried with me. How could I go into the next world without it? It is just…well, just, so me!


What would you choose to take to the grave with you?


9 thoughts on “two into one, go, go, go!

  1. Well, they’re certainly very different, as is drinking tea and wine at the same time. There’s no law against it though, so why didn’t you beg, borrow or steal these? 🙂 I would like to take my iPod with me into the next world. I’m not overly fond of harp music, and would really miss hearing my favourite tracks.


  2. I plan on being cremated and my ashes dumped into a little urn (or maybe just dumped, depending on how my children feel about me by the time I kick the bucket). So there won’t be much room for a beloved treasure in there, which is fine. I do hope in the afterlife they serve Spanish fino sherry, however. I gave it up because the alcohol content was so high that my doctor told me I would destroy my liver in a few years if I continued to chug it in a wine glass (it’s supposed to be served in little aperitif glasses). So I’m hoping that when I reach a point where I don’t have to worry about livers or cholesterol or blood glucose levels, I will be rewarded with all the naughty treats I’ve denied myself in life: sherry for starters, then pizza with everything, ice cream, and donuts. And it won’t be disgusting either, but utterly Divine.


  3. i can’t think of anything to take to the afterLife and there shouldn’t be a grave. i want to be cremated and turned into an

    LOTS of dyi on those teacup wineglasses… very few for sale. at this very moment, no blue/white


  4. Oh those are so pretty and different! I love tea too. I’m so glad it’s gotten chilly here and I can have a cup of blackberry sage tea anytime and it be just right 😀


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