black and white, pink and blue

sisters 1

The moment I saw this picture I thought of my sister and I. My sister is eight years older than I, and a far better person as well. We are very different individuals.

If this was really a photo of my sister and I and acting as a metaphor for our lives, Sister would be wearing the pink dress, all feminine brightness and detail. My favourite colour is blue, but I know that even if the dress wasn’t blue, I would be wearing the gingham check.

My sister is colour, “prettiness” and frill. I am, less is more. None of those fluffy, puffy sleeves for me! No lace, just clean, sleek lines.

Maybe, it is the fact she is eight years older, making her a teen in the sixties, whereas I became a teen in the seventies, and so we had very different cultural influences working to shape us. In her world the woman was still vey much the home maker, whereas in mine, we were  starting to move towards the balancing act of career and motherhood. I have been a working wife for a large part of my marriage.

Sister also spent her entire schooling under the Nuns of No Mercy, whereas I escaped to the local state high school. I was thirteen when she married and left home. It was a lonely time.

In some ways, I think it is these differences that may have brought us together, for we are very close. The age gap of course is of no difference now, that I do like to let her know she is in her sixties and I am not!

Yes, this image, very much represents my sister and I.


8 thoughts on “black and white, pink and blue

  1. I’m also a fan of the clean, sleek look. I’ve experimented with frills, especially as they appear to have come back into fashion, but it’s just not me. I grew up in the 70s as well, so frilly stuff is just so 1960! 😉

    I wouldn’t expect you in gingham anything, but I’m sure you would look very smart in it.


  2. I was a teenager in the sixties. I also was taught by the Sisters, so my usual garb was woolen skirts with a million pleats with everything else woolen. The only time I got to dress in anything else was on the weekends and holidays. Then, it was tie dye shirts and flowers on the jeans and long straight, blonde hair with rimless glasses and huge hoop earrings. My sister is 17 years older. I didn’t get to go to the wedding. We have nothing in common though for the longest time I thought she was my biological mother and I was living with grandma and grandpa.


  3. I have two sisters: one four years older and the other four years younger. We were never close enough in age to be friends growing up, but we’re very close now. Like you, I’d be the one in the gingham check. I like clean, sleek lines and am a minimalist. My younger sister has always been the sparkly one.


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