one better than the preppers; or thinking outside the food store

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We were discussing what his character would do in a post-apololyptic world, when Colleague said that when everyone was rushing to ransack supermarkets for food, he would ransack a pharmacy and take all the meal replacement supplements and protein bars.

When I thought about it, I realised the brilliance of his thinking.

Could you carry a month’s worth of baked beans in your backpack? Probably not, but you could carry 90 drink sachets, or 90 protein bars in a backpack. While the preppers are anchored to their static food hoard, Backpack To Go Colleague would have the freedom to flee if necessary.

Of course, it does depend on a water supply, or at least some type of liquid for the sachet, but unless all the water is evaporated, or you are living in the desert, water is obtainable. There are plenty of small camping purification systems that could part of the backpack survival kit.

Team Beans or Team sachets, which way would you go?

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23 thoughts on “one better than the preppers; or thinking outside the food store

  1. I have to vote for a third option since both other teams’ supplies will run out in due time. I would head straight for the sporting goods store for essentials: fish hooks, line, bow, arrows, water purification tabs, tarp, freeze dried packets of food, etc. Next I would hit the nursery and grab all the fruit and veggie seed packs I could carry.


  2. LOL@Jane! My kind of gal!

    Seriously, I’d go for protein bars and gels, as disgusting-tasting as they are at times. You can stuff a hundred of those packets into a daypack, and as long as you can find potable water, you’re good to go. Cans—for most of them you need a can opener, which is easy to lose and not always easy to use. Then you often have to heat the food up to make it halfway edible. (Ever eat unheated, straight-from-the-can Spam? I don’t recommend it, unless you have a strong stomach.)

    One of the black belts at my dojo said we should all have a “go bag” packed with all the necessities to survive in an emergency situation. I can see the value of that during a natural disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake, but during an end-of-the-world scenario? Will one want to live once civilization has collapsed and all of her loved ones have died?


    • I think our flight and fight would kick in, even if we lost everything and everyone. We learnt the value of having all your important papers in an emergency bag during the floods a couple of years ago. Not that we have done it!


  3. We eat granola bars and drink protein shakes so frequently at our house that we wouldn’t need to head for the pharmacy, though that’s not a bad idea. If any of that happened in our location, I’d just sit home reading blogs until the internet went down.


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