Kangaroo on a hot, tin roof


I was making my breakfast about 5.30am, when there arose such a clatter on the roof.

Dashing outside, I caught sight of a young kangaroo  hopping down our drive, not three metres from the house. He/She paused, giving me a backward glance, and then bounded through the garden and back into bushland.

Further investigation, utilising my best CSI skills, showed that said kangaroo  had bounded out of the bushland, through Son’s melon and corn plot, across the terrace garden, then onto the roof of the small carport attached to the  house. The carport’s roof is the same height as the top of the terrace area’s stone retaining wall. From the carport roof, the kangaroo must have bounded into the garden running from the terrace down to ground level, parallel to the driveway. It had landed on the drive way by the time I had made it through the front door, ready to eye ball me from the drive.

After giving me the once over in my pink stripe pyjamas, it retreated back into the bush.

Welcome to the country, Australian style!



7 thoughts on “Kangaroo on a hot, tin roof

  1. Will kangaroos strip your garden of edibles if allowed to? I was thinking, ‘What a fun way to start the day!’ until it occurred to me that your kanga might be as welcome in your yard as deer are in the rural areas of the States. I had friends who complained that Bambi had eaten every single green thing in their gardens, unless it was poisonous. (Apparently deer are smart enough to know what’s toxic and what makes a good salad.) In my neighborhood we have just pit bulls and feral cats, and the main threat to the garden is slugs. I’d rather have kangaroos or deer than slugs any day.


    • Yes, they will eat the vege patch if they reach it. We are just coming to the end of the driest October on record for our area, and things are very dry, so they are coming in to find green food. Most Australians see them as pests – some end up in dog food!


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