a hero is me – because I get out of bed, each day!


My iPhone is my alarm clock. The sound that I have selected it to play is titled “Uplift”. I don’t think anything is uplifting at 5 in the morning, but I chose it as not being too raucous, or shattering to the nerves of a slumbering, Flamingo Dancer goddess.

Every morning, as the alarm plays it “uplifting” tune, Mr FD likes to sing along with it. He has created lyrics to match the beat of the tune. The words?

“Get up… and save the world!”

He repeats it until I switch off the alarm.

Then he rolls over and goes back to sleep, and I go… well, save the world!


4 thoughts on “a hero is me – because I get out of bed, each day!

  1. My phone is my alarm too. I need to change my wake up tone. Mine’s called “Klaxon” or something, because it is painful to wake up to.
    But I can’t turn it off.
    One thing I like about the phone alarm clock is that it doesn’t go off on Saturdays and Sundays.


    • Yes, that is another reason why I changed to my phone – not having to remember to turn off on the weekends. We also have power blackouts from time to time, just fleeting, but long enough to set the clock radio blinking on 12:00 whatever the time!


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