on our knees

nun habit

As a small child I attended a catholic, primary school and in the first years we were there, back when the Sisters of No Mercy still wore the full heavy black habits, we would say morning prayers, prayers before “little lunch” and “big lunch” and after big lunch we would kneel on the bare wooden floors and say a decket of the rosary.

We were six and seven, and most of us carried little plastic pouches in our pocket in which we had our rosary. I remember my pouch was pink, lined with pink foam, with the words “my rosary” in gold on the opening flap. It was secured with a clip.

The beads were pink also. They were small, as was the rosary. Looking back, I suspect they were a children’s set.

When I made my first communion, my godmother gave me a much more elegant white set of rosary beads as a gift. They were pretty, and I still have them somewhere, I think. At the time, I remember I was much more interested in the shoe box size marshmallow rabbit covered in coconut that she included. I was born on an Easter Monday, and now years later I wonder if she was connecting Easter and my communion in some way. Maybe she just woke up and decided to make a marshmallow bunny, as you do!

My Dad had a set of rosary beads that were given to him when he was young. I saw him take them to church a few times over the years. He always kept them in his sock drawer, along with the cash my parents used day to day. Odd combination, but he has made a lasting memory. My mother placed the beads, and his old prayer book in his coffin when we said goodbye. No one would ever have picked my father as being religious, but in many ways he was the most religious in our family. A simple faith, from living a good life.

Mr FD has a cousin who claims that her rosary turned gold when she made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. His grandmother was raised by nuns, so there is great faith in parts of his family. Not Mr FD.

You know, I think I still have the pink rosary set as well. Mine have probably turned to rust.


[Looking online I notice the use of two terms : decket and decade. I remember it as decket. Maybe it was a all about where you came from]


2 thoughts on “on our knees

  1. I too went to Catholic school and remember the painful kneeling and endless praying. The rosary was something to play with be distracted by and I had a beautiful prayer manual which we used every day. Old memories.

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