You looking for me?


Bored so I checked out the key search words  or terms that led people to my blog. Some of you out there need help, and soon:

Sniffing Grandmas

koala kiss (are you thinking of sniffing grandmas koala kissing too?)

revenge quotes (I can’t query that one, no one does revenge as well as I do!)

flamingo dancer in colours (joining the hood? Bikie colours?)

skeleton praying

goddess feet bloodspot (are you cramping my style?)

things for adult bathroom

isolator gernsback (?????I am sure Miss Isolator Gernsback is the spinster who lives in the next street….)

anger vogue (Sensing a trend here, readers!)

not another bloody flamingo dacner  (SIC. someone has jealousy issues as well as bad typing skills!)

messed up kitchen (trying not to take this one personally)


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