What Will Life Be Like In 100 Years?



A few homes in the early 1960s had this "glass garage" so you could view your large automobile from your deck or patio.

A few homes in the early 1960s had this “glass garage” so you could view your large automobile from your deck or patio.

Better, I hope.

Do you think every generation hopes that? Does anyone ever think the present is perfect?

I hope we do find the cure for cancer. That everyone gets to live a happy, healthy, productive life until they are 100, when we just die in our sleep one night.

Peace? Not sure it is in the human DNA not to need to hate someone, or need to dominate someone or something. We don’t seem to learn from our mistakes, or to leave others alone, so I am not confident there will be world peace.

Families? What a  “family” will be is difficult to imagine. I guess mush along the same lines. I suspect we might go back to more multigenerational families all living together. Finances might instigate this one, but I think we need the help of all generations to raise our young, we need our herd, and so the desire to live far from our family may decrease. Technology allowing us to work from distant places might facilitate this as well.

Libraries and Librarians. Bit tired of the media telling me that libraries and librarians are facing distinction. Like all things and professions, we will evolve. As long as there is information we will need someone to assist us with it. More information = more need of support. We aren’t born knowing how to search or use information, so I see a place for us.

Books. The physical shape of the book technology, be it hardcover, or ebook or audio, doesn’t matter, in my opinion. What matters is that people READ, and use their imaginations. I would like to think hard copy will still be available, as we use different skills to read from the page as to reading online which is more skimming. Books came about due to a major shift in technology, so technology is not the enemy, a lack of reading is the enemy.

Education. I hope it doesn’t look like it does now. Old model. I suspect kids will link in from home more. Perhaps drop into community centres where teachers and Learning Labs will be available. Maybe even 24/7. More doing, discovering, setting own learning goals. Teachers won’t need to be subject experts, but provide social and emotional support as children learn.


Do you think it would be worth being here in 100 years?


13 thoughts on “What Will Life Be Like In 100 Years?

  1. Is life better now than in past years? Will the future be worse? I think in many ways it is and it will be better and worse… but it’s all a matter of perspective. You’re right though… one can only hope for things be better for these are some dark days regardless of the many advances we’ve made as humans. For every step forward it feels like 3 steps back. A better future?? That is the question.
    Only we can make it so ~T


  2. I have a feeling I’ll live to find out. My dad’s side of the family seem to have all the longevity genes. We just keep going and going.


  3. I do hope they find a cure for dementia/Alzheimer’s, preferably before I hit the age where it’s most likely to strike. I hate the thought of my children and grandchildren having to look after my feeble shell of a body while I babble and show no interest in them at all.

    Interestingly, I was told that the future of library science is quite robust, as we’ll need someone to keep track and catalog all those bytes of information and maintain those digital libraries. I’m currently doing a volunteer job, searching for the online versions of very old texts for our state library. It’s amazing what’s out there, and how poorly cataloged some of it is. You might find six different editions of the same book that was originally published in 1853, each of them from a different publisher with different forwards, footnotes, and the like. Simply putting them into a digital archive is not enough: there really needs to be someone who can distinguish between the different editions and catalog them all so students and scholars can find and have ready access to them.

    Teaching—I have no clue. Perhaps we’ll all be replaced by robots, or intelligent computers who can say in response to a passing test, “Good job! But not good enough! We still have eighteen more units of algebra to cover!” If the student moans, complains, or swears at the computer, it’ll shut down and the student will be unable to have access to anything—online games, social media, email, or even the next day’s agenda. It’ll be the electronic version of detention.


    • As you know, I do fear the dementia gene is in my DNA. Maybe the meditation will help me a little. We are life long learners, so that should help as well!

      We subscribe to an automatic cataloguing service where we can just download the records, but the number of mistakes I find makes me very concerned that items are being incorrectly catalogued and will disappear into the ether.

      I like the idea of the computer locking them out of everything. You should suggest that to some of the educational software suppliers!


  4. you’re such an optimist! i believe we’ll drive ourselves to extinction within 100 years. forgetting illnesses and such, the omnipresent attitude of “it’s all about me” will eventually drive humans further apart and more toward fighting. i don’t think we’ll survive. and i think that will be great for the planet


    • In the last couple of months I have noticed an increase in media reports of how parents are helicopting their kids too much and how they are suffering emotional and social issues form lack of life experience and resilience. That has been my soap box for a couple of years now – the sense of entitlement that is rife in our society. We blame the Americans of course!!!!!


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