Modern Millie does the errands

morning routine

It is Sunday, and it has been a stressful morning.

First, there was the grocery shopping. I did this online. Shopping online is very stressful, don’t you think? Every site is different, with its own little idiosyncrasies. Often the site will differ from itself, week to week. Just when I have mastered the back button and trusting that it means go back a page, not wipe everything and go back to the home page, they change it. Often the thing that works best is the very thing they change.

Then there is the payment page. The card that worked last week, won’t be accepted this week. I know there are funds on it, damn you little computer emperor, take my card, damn you! Card deleted then reinstalled and I hit confirm, but this time my order is rejected because I failed to enter Mr.,Mrs or Ms. Why do they not use the term Master anymore? If an unmarried woman is given the option of Miss, surely the unmarried male should be optioned Master? Equality and equity?

By the time I completed the groceries, I needed a cup of coffee, supplied by Mr FD. He gets to receive and pack away the groceries as they will be delivered while I am at school. Yep, UP HERE for thinking, ladies.

An email in my inbox led me on to buy a new pair of shoes. My best work shoes developed a peep hole in the area of the large toe, which was not part of the designer’s brief, so it was a need, not a want. My big toes are very long, and my shoes do seem to develop peep holes sooner rather than later. Just as well, that site worked well, because I do flick away from retail sites if I have a choice to buy elsewhere online, if things are too difficult.

The third purchase was a Christmas present for our son-in-law. Yes, the Christmas shopping has commenced. I have ticked off work gifts (Minerva must be both indulged and thanked) and a gift for Petite Fille. Hers is a big gift. To be honest I buy her gifts all the time – usually clothes, but I always arrive with a book when I visit. She has a lot of books! If we go shopping during my visits, well, as you know, she usually receives something. Grandma can’t help herself!

Shopping done, I had to leave my bed.

Stressful, people, stressful, I say.


14 thoughts on “Modern Millie does the errands

  1. Online shopping is an absolute boon for us. The Good Wife loves trailing around supermarkets but has more recently adopted the clickety-click method to save on shoe leather. They charge a pound for delivery – a saving on the ton of junk she would pick up on impulse. They email us with a one hour drop off time. She has created a favourites page so it’s a tick box exercise rather than a tedious search.
    Apart from the grocery we can find really cheap offers usually including free delivery too. The girls have their own Wish Lists on Amazon which I use to treat them from time to time too.
    Given the alternative of trailing miles around shops with hoards of aimless troglodytes banging into us, I think prefer shopping by fingertip.


    • We can get free delivery on a certain day, and at one supermarket if we spend over $300 which I achieve as I only buy every two weeks. Ditto on the specials, I bulk up. I agree, there is no impulse shopping and I can see exactly what I am spending. Great boon for busy people and we introverts!


  2. I love Peapod for my online grocery shopping- I wouldn’t supermarket shop nowadays. I have to start Christmas shopping this week as I have to get it, wrap it and mailed to Australia. I suppose I could find Australian sites but they don’t seem to have selections I want – and they’re usually more expensive than items here. Postage can be a killer though.


  3. Wow! I never did groceries on line but I am starting to buy more on -line. I feel badly for the brick and mortar stores but sometimes their prices are so outrageous I am amazed anyone buys there.


    • Well, a recent report said that groceries are actually more expensive online, and some times you have to pay a delivery fee as well. But I think the savings in impulse buying makes up for the difference, and I save time.


  4. I love to shop online, except that things do not always fit as expected, but Boy oh Boy I wish I wish I could grocery shop on line. I am about to buy some awesome books for my coaches wife who is expecting. My Coach is in that man mode…not quite getting that a very small person is for him…but in a few months he’ll get it.


    • Son in law just didn’t know how to prepare for the birth of Petite Fille, and I think he is still trying to get over the shock, He keeps saying no one warned him about the loss of down time, and lack of sleep – but we tried, he just wasn’t listening.


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