I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health… and the expected lifespan of those about me!


Over recent years I have really worked on controlling feelings of anxiety that I experience from time to time, sometimes so intensely that the feelings become physical. I think I am the umpteenth generation in an anxiety ridden family.

Some six or seven years ago, I did a short course in relaxation and meditation. From time to time I would utilise those rudimentary skills in trying to survive anxious moments, days, weeks, months! More times that not the relief I experienced was hard won and fleeting, for it is not easy to quieten the internal voices of anxiety.

Surprisingly, since moving to the country and gaining a degree of peace and serenity, I have turned to meditation on a more regular basis. Often it is just to quieten my mind at the end of a long day, and I practice it lying in my bed, quite happy to fall asleep mid-meditation.

During the recent holidays, now jut a fleeting memory alas, in the spare time I had, I endeavoured to be more disciplined in approaching my daily mediation practice. Over the years I have found that I need a spoken meditation, a voice to centre me and take me through the process. This is probably because, despite the passage of time, I am still quite a novice.

By chance I came across an app for meditation called, Headspace. Now let me clear this is not a paid or endorsed advertisement for Headspace. I have found that it is working for me, and perhaps it might be of use to one other person out there, who knows. The first 10 days were free and after that it is a paid subscription. As I write this, I am up to day 12, or phase two of the program and yes, I have paid for a subscription. My health is worth it.

I find American accents really annoying in meditation, and also female voices, so I am happy to say that so far, the narrator is a male, with a British accent. Well, I hear it as British, and so it meets my needs.There are sometimes short introductory animations that assist me in zoning in, so another plus in my case.

Once or twice my brain has been racing, or my body has been in such a tight anxiety state that the initial 10 minute meditation just didn’t cut it with me. On those occasions I have actually completed two consecutive sessions and felt all the better for it. Phase two have fifteen minute sessions and already I feel a positive impact.

The breathing techniques are great and can be used at ant time. I have used them when needing to be very still during a scan, when in pain, angry, and before medical procedures.  When I need to slow and find my happy place is when they work best.

Now I know meditation doesn’t work for everyone. I have one friend who suffers form severe depression and any form of meditation actually sends her right into high anxiety. All I know, is that in my personal experience, it assists me to find some peace in each day.

Something to meditate upon, perhaps?




4 thoughts on “I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health… and the expected lifespan of those about me!

  1. I have to have guided meditation otherwise my brain just keeps running crazy, I need someone to focus in on. The accent and voice is so important though, makes all the difference. So is the setting – a lot of these meditations have you near water or on the beach and I don’t like water so I can’t relax.


  2. I find many American accents annoying as well, though anymore there is so much international influx it is hard to have an ear for anything that can be truly construed “American”.


  3. I tried Headspace and found it didn’t work as well for me, but each person is different. I like guided meditations, too. I need a voice to walk me through it. I’m especially fond of walking meditations.


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