Tea to a T!

cup of tea solves

A cup of tea may not solves everything, but it makes it all a damn sight better!

The beverages of choice when I was growing up were: water, milk or tea. Occasionally we would drink cordial, usually orange, and very Christmas my mother would order a dozen large bottles of assorted soft drinks (soda), which was a very exciting event and felt like… well, Christmas!

We were introduce to a tea mix, of one third tea and two thirds milk as very small children and from there we progressed. I still take my tea with milk, though I have accepted it without milk when pressed such as the milk has curdled in the bottle! Milk a couple of days beyond its use by date is of no issue when added to a boiling cup of tea as far as my stomach is concerned!

Every major family event, good or bad has been paired with a cup of tea, or perhaps I should be more accurate and say, many cups of tea. I only drank one cup at each meal when I first met Mr FD, but his father came from a family of tea planters in what was then Ceylon, and their daily ratio of tea was somewhat higher, and so mine grew as the years progressed. Today I would probably out cup Mr FD, who goes over to the dark side with a couple of cups of coffee a day also. I have one cup of coffee each school day, just after I arrive at my office, to gird my loins for the day ahead.

We did not allow our children to drink tea or coffee until they were well into their teenage years, though they all knew how to make a cuppa for their parents. They have all developed different tea habits. Daughter1 is a frequent tea drinker, helped along no doubt by marrying a tea drinker. Daughter2 prefers coffee, but when she takes tea drinks it black. I think the fact that she uses soy milk it is probably the wisest course! Son drink neither tea or coffee very often, but I suspect leans towards coffee. Petite Fille’s first phrase was “cup of tea” so I suspect the next generation may be assured!

Even on the hottest of hot summer days, I will still prefer a cup of tea. One just allows it to sit a little longer before sipping. The important thing is to allow the tea to steep, even if using a tea bag. And please don’t call all those flowery herbal concoctions “tea”, that are pretend tea and should not be mentioned in the same conversation, as far as I am concerned!  Tea comes from the Camellia sinensis and Camellia oleifera plants only, people!

Had a bad day?  Have a cup of tea. Had a great day? Have a cup of tea. Bad news? Have a cup of tea. Good news? Then have a cup of tea! Happy, sad, frustrated, whatever – have a cup of tea. Tea makes my world go around; in fact it is a little like the WD40 of my existence.

We shall have a cup now.


4 thoughts on “Tea to a T!

  1. I was raised by diehard coffee drinkers. My mother made two large pots in the morning. After breakfast my Dad took a thermos to work (this was before Keurigs and coffee machines) and my mother drank the other pot through out the day. Didn’t matter how old it was. Didn’t matter if the spoon stood straight up. I like my regular coffee black unless it’s bitter. Most Americans do not make great coffee at least as compared to Europeans. If I do a foo foo coffee like a mocha latte (my fav) it’s espresso with tons of milk and of course chocolate. If I am having a bad day a mocha latte is just like Prozac only safer.


  2. You have prompted me to make a cup of green tea, even though it is in the 90s outdoors and I came home sweating and hoping my nice rayon blouse didn’t have perspiration stains on the collar. I’d forgotten how soothing it is to drink a cup once one has settled into a chair and kicked off her shoes.


  3. Great honor you pay tea! No better drink. Thank you for clarifying the herbal drinks are not really tea; silly decaffeinated herbal drinks posing as tea, just because it’s in a bag.


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