home appeal

Just imagine our veg garden like this but with no plants and chicken wire, and in Australia, and oh just better all around.

Just imagine our veg garden like this but with no plants and chicken wire, and in Australia, and oh just better all around.

I have pried the play dough from beneath my fingernails. breathed deeply of the fresh country air and reclaimed ownership of my side of the bed.

The three men, Mr FD, Son and Augie Dog, acquitted themselves very well in my absence. The dishes were washing in the dishwasher (I didn’t ask how many days worth of dishes they were), the floors had been cleaned, and while the sheets hadn’t been changed, the bed had at least been made!


The loveliest gift is the vegetable garden Son has grafted from our forest floor. This one is ringed by chicken wire in the hope of keeping out kangaroos and hares. He has planted tomatoes, beans and corn so far. There are raised gardens to accommodate at least a dozen different vegetables. Son has also arranged a number of large pots that my father made many years ago from cement, for our herbs. One already contains a capsicum plant. His grandfather would be so proud of his only grandson! He has even installed a watering system, which knowing him will soon be time activated.

I am scared to ask how his university studies are going in light of the time and effort he has spent on the garden, but he is an adult and so we won’t go there! I guess it is his third degree, he should know how to pace himself by now!

I feel energised from my time away from home, which is odd, I know, as I am physically tired. I think that just the change of place has made me see my home with fresh eyes. Sadly, school starts back next Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean a few little projects can’t still be accomplished. And I need to remember that it will only be 10 weeks until we have our 6 weeks of Christmas holidays.

Just 10 weeks, just 10 weeks…may the strength be with me!



8 thoughts on “home appeal

    • I have to admit we do love sighting the kangaroos and wallabies, and the odd hare. They move across our property at dawn and dusk, just one or two, which is enough for us on our little plot! However, they did have their fill of the few fruit trees we planted in our orchard, but the trees are fighting back with flowers and hopefully fruit!

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  1. My friend out in Lightning Ridge has just about very Australian creature in her garden at various times – I think how cool that would be – but I also know that it wouldn’t really be all that cool!


  2. I can’t imagine having a kangaroo in my garden, but I guess you can’t imagine having an alligator in your back yard. 😀 Well done to your three guys. They certainly did acquit themselves well. I can just imagine the mad scramble just before your arrival. 😀


  3. As a note very good gardener, I recommend hot peppers – if you like to eat them.
    I have managed to actually harvest some every year, to my own surprise.
    Also lemon trees are lovely, and actually make lemons enough to use.


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