truth or dare

not tomorrow either!

not tomorrow either!

Motherhood is for the young ones. Or maybe, the “younger” ones.

Not that I can’t do all the mothering stuff like catching toddlers falling off chairs and stopping the eating play dough; changing dirty diapers, singing nursery rhymes, driving pieces of tomato into the “garage” mouth, or chase tottering babies about the house. Today, I have completed 386 laps of the kitchen, dining and living rooms and a circle of the nursery to repeat our route with Petite Fille toddling at full speed ahead of me, laughing with glee,  while I trot obediently behind dragging a pull along dog (Bow Wow!) behind me. Don’t talk to me about 10,000 steps!

No, the issue is the recovery period.

One day of toddler granny duty and I  need a nap to recover. Two days and I need a very early night and a sleep in. I have been with Petite Fille a week now, loving every moment, but I estimate I may need, oh, about six months and three days of complete bed rest.

If your manicured finger is posed to strike your keyboard at this very moment to reply that after a month of granny duties you follow up with a triathlon and a game of tennis, rethink it. I can still dial to hire a hit man.



5 thoughts on “truth or dare

  1. Never! A week with my year-old grandson is the most grueling workout I’ve undergone, barring a six-mile hike up a mountain trail in the Rockies. (*Gasp* high altitude air and sun.) On top of that, the child has lungs like an opera singer, a mezzo soprano at that. I had ringing ears for three days after he screamed into them.

    I think grandmas should get combat pay. Or free body massages and use of a warm jacuzzi with scented bath salts. And in my case, new running shoes. I destroyed the supports in my old ones running after my grandson.


  2. I totally agree. I still have young-ish kids, but old enough to not need constant attention (my youngest is 9). I don’t really miss any of the toddler stuff, and I feel exhausted just watching the little ones at the playground. I am looking forward to grandchildren, but they eventually go home to their parents, right? That seems like part of the appeal 😉


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