keeping my cool and expecting the imminent end

Maryna Linchuk, photo by Steven Meisel - Vogue, May 2008

This Monday’s joy was entering my office to see two athletic young men within, one atop a ladder. Be still my beating heart! They were cooling experts taking measurements to install an air conditioning system in my office over the forthcoming spring vacation.

After almost three years we have air conditioning! It is limited to my office and the general work area, where Minerva can hover for most of the time, except when handling circulation activities, but that is mainly through the two lunch breaks. They still aren’t air conditioning the library proper, but as Minerva and I are the only ones there all day, we at least have some respite from the heat and cold. Much happy dancing.

More joy in that one year level is on camp until Thursday, so that meant 200 less students on campus; and the seniors are on exam block so they only need to be at school for their individual examinations – another 200 not hovering in and around the library. It was rather quiet during both breaks and not a word of complaint was heard from either Minerva or I.

No doubt the end of the world is neigh.



4 thoughts on “keeping my cool and expecting the imminent end

  1. Nothing turns a girl’s head than a buff air conditioner installer, especially during a heat wave!

    Given how they are now talking about making our local schools year-round with only a four week break over the summer, the district had better make sure that AC is installed in every classroom. There would be riots in the summer months, not by the students, but by the overworked, overheated teachers!


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