hat 2

I’ve never looked good in hats. Strange, when I am just so damn gorgeous, but alas and alack, hats and I do not agree. This was brought home anew this morning when I tried to leave the house with Petite Fille for a short walk. She was all systems go, until Grandmama placed a chapeau upon her crown.

Instantly Petite Fille retreated to her mother’s skirts and refused to make eye contact with me. I pleaded, I promised, I tried to persuade but the small one clung to her mother with all the grip of her tiny arms and legs.

Her mother resorted to the usual parental excuse “Perhaps she is tired,” but the truth was out there. I removed my millinery finery and my granddaughter was restored to me. We set off hand in hand down the street.

bath glass

Tonight I strained my back. I think it was while i was taking a spa bath. I may have raised a leg too high, and that is when the strain or sprain may have occurred.

Now, for those of the creative and fruitful imagination, may I add that I was solo in the bath, and I was shaving a leg… sigh, yes, a naked leg. A beautiful, naked leg of course.


All round, a much better frame of mind…but tomorrow is Monday.


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  1. Unfortunate about the hats- as they are kind of awesome. I don’t wear them much, mostly actually because it is Florida and it’s hot. BUT, I do remember one day when it was particularly cold and I was front triage nurse and the automatic doors kept opening every ten seconds that I decided I’d be cuter with the hat on…or warmer or both! Twas a lovely day of hair hiding.


  2. I have a caftan that causes both my grandson and my daughter’s dog to scream in fear. It’s probably because it covers my body and legs and makes me look like a huge box or flapping bat. But it really is a downer when you scare children and dogs in an outfit you think is very chic and comfortable. Anyway, I’m sure your granddaughter will in time love you in hats or whatever else you choose to wear. 🙂


  3. ah, total opposite here… I look great in most hats (own many but, alas, no coordinating outfits so they all just sit, longing to be worn) and I’m super bendy so it would be nearly impossible for me to get a leg strain like that. but dislocate a knee or twist an arm… or break my neck? yeah, those would be right up my alley!!


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