damn, only Thursday


Friday, no Saturday, can’t come soon enough. I am quite over being a teacher this week. If I go into details we may both be here into next week and I may be minus a job. Let us just say that I really, really need those holidays to start at the end of next week.

The guys in our IT team threw a morning tea for the ladies this week as a thank you for all the morning teas we share with them. Of course, their wives and girl friends prepared most of it, but one guy did spend a small fortune at the deli buying cheese, olives and sliced meats. They brought in enough for two days of morning teas and maybe even a little for tomorrow. Well done, gentlemen!

I read of a private school in South Australia who are fighting with their employer over the employer wanting to cease providing them with meals during the day. I can’t understand what justification the teachers could possibly have to expect their employer to provide lunch for them each day. We get milk, tea and coffee provided and we think that is fantastic. Teachers at government schools don’t get anything – a fridge to place the food they bring from home is about it. Some people don’t realise how pampered they are…

I spent the night with Daughter1 and family earlier this week when I had some PD in the city. D1 told Petite Fille that Grandma was coming later in the day and every time she said Grandma, Petite Fille would reply “woof”. I would like to think that Petite Fille was remembering that we were trying to teach her to say “woof” during her last visit. “What does Augie Dog say?” and then we would answer “Woof” while Petite Fille just stared at us like we were half crazed. I prefer not to think that she was calling me a dog. Don’t go there gentlemen, not today, not if you want to continue breathing.

Back to the city this weekend to play with Petite Fille while her parents pack to move out during renovations. I am also gifting them a week of my vacation time. They get the hard lifting, I get the love!


7 thoughts on “damn, only Thursday

  1. We’re just starting up our fall school session here. I’ll be starting my classes at the end of September. Tea! What a civilized idea.


  2. You know, since I have the “get off the stick list free” card I’m tempted to say something … but I won’t. I think you’re right, she’s remembering your saying that word.

    While a noon meal for teachers seems like such a small expense to worry about if you’re trying to find ways to save money, I’m pretty sure teachers in American public schools either have to buy their own lunch or bring it from home.


  3. At the school district where I work, we are expected to bring our own lunches AND coffee, tea, and milk. (Unless there’s a surplus of leftover milk in the student cafeteria: then we get those little half-pint cartons which are fine for stirring into your coffee, but won’t fill an adult-sized glass.) This is proof that Australia is far more civilized than the US.

    Also, the only thing our IT staff is good for is punching holes in walls and ceilings and leaving classroom doors unlocked as they install the Wi-Fi system that is never turned on, because principals fear that students will use it to view pornography and Facebook updates. I asked the IT staffer on site one morning why I couldn’t use the Wi-Fi just for a few minutes to check my personal email, and he said it wasn’t working anyway and no one knew why. Worthless dolt….but I might forgive him if he brought olives and cheese to the staff lounge. More proof of the civility of Australians.

    I do hope another holiday comes soon for you. Weekends are never long enough to recover from five days of working in a school.


  4. well, i definitely think PF associates saying WOOF with you attempting to teach it to her – but it will amuse me to no end if it stays that way forever… “grandma” always equals “woof”


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