serendipitous reads

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Being a Librarian for young adults and teenagers means that more often than not I read books that I would not normally choose to read. This little whiff of serendipity has been bringing me some hidden gems and more than a few surprises.

This week I am reading Going Bovine by Libba Bray. I picked it up during one of my literacy classes when I wanted to model reading while my students read; it had only just taken its place on the new book display. I thought it would be okay to read for just a couple of minutes. Well, it pulled me in. I borrowed it and even read it while waiting for my pizza at the take away.

The other book I started under the same circumstances is The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher . It is also on my nightstand.

Two very different books but both are really holding my interest.

It is good to know I am buying great books for the school library! What else would you expect though?


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