Thy name shall be Discipline


discipline 1


discipline 2

discipline 3

I want to spend more time writing, but I allow myself to be too easily distracted (oh look, there is a fly) and so another day, another week, another month and then another year and decade goes by. Not to many decades left so I need to gird my loins with steely discipline, something I have always possessed in very small perishable amounts, to sit down and write. First to learn to write for just me.

September thy name is discipline and thy aim is 20 minutes a day…



7 thoughts on “Thy name shall be Discipline

  1. You posted one of my favorite Constantin Alajalov covers! (He did illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post, back when magazines actually hired artists to paint for them.)

    I wish someone had taught me about self-discipline when I was in college. Back then, all I knew was the discipline of the rod, administered by my parents, which is a terrible way to teach a child how to look after herself. As soon as I was free of their presence, I became an absolute slacker, and had to spend later years making up for my lassitude. Luckily my children were much faster at learning how to budget their time between work and leisure.


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