Dry those tears, she hath returned!

"La Reina de Corazones" (Queen of Hearts) - Jose Louis Muñoz

One would think that as Flamingo Dancer, the one and only, that any grandchild of mine would have little doves fly down and take their poop to heaven. It has come as somewhat of a shock to discover that this is not in fact true. Proof was the “granny jackpot” I aced this week while staying with Daughter1. I was “lucky” enough to get three poopy nappies (diapers) on each of the three days I was with them. Petite Fille, may I add, has a robust and fully functioning bowel. (Won’t she love to come back to this page in years to come and read these comments!)

I read Petite Fille’s copy of the Play School Nursery Rhymes Book at least 8 times each day. We particularly liked Mary Had a Little Lamb, and the Grand Old Duke of York. Humpty Dumpty was not far behind, especially when Grandma sang the rhyme.

She has also learnt to climb couches so Grandma got quite the workout racing across the room to snatch up falling baby girls before they toppled backwards off couches Grandma had  not in fact seen her climb. Grandma also multitasked by pushing a swing and blowing bubbles simultaneously, or at least wheezing bubbles until stars started appearing before her eyes.

One morning we wandered Ikea, until Grandma could walk no further and begged to be released – and it had been my idea to go there in the first place! Petite Fille may have added a stuffed Pig and a Fairy Doll to her growing toy box. The Pig is the out and out winner, much to her Aunt’s delight when she was sent a photo of niece and pig, as Aunt’s own collection of pigs is secure in a corner of the garage.

christmas fd 1


Daughter2 is flying home for a friend’s wedding this weekend, and will be with us on Sunday, along with her Lovely Boyfriend. As they won’t be with us on Christmas Day this year, we (I) have decided to make  Sunday lunch a mini Christmas in July – at least it will be cold and we can eat more “traditional” Christmas fare. No tree as I am too busy (lazy) for that, but the table will be decorated. Hopefully Petite Fille won’t be too confused and require therapy to adjust to the reality that in fact there is really only one Christmas and it is in the dead of summer!


Then it is back to work on Monday – Term 3. Minerva texted this morning and asked if we could send in a message that the library would be closed for another week due to lack of interest from the staff! Any guesses as to what my reply was?


5 thoughts on “Dry those tears, she hath returned!

  1. SOunds like a pretty good time! I find it interesting that a native Aussie like yourself still considers traditional holiday fare traditional!!!!! It is fascinating to me the reveral of climates, though really is isn’t that ground shattering….I am easily amused.


    • We have until the late 1970s been a very “British” culture and it is only with in the influx of refugees after the Vietman War that we have become multicultural. All the immigrants after WWII were “encouraged” to leave their traditions behind and become Australian aka British middle class. Even our radio announcers and TV personalities needed to speak with British accents – we had a real cultural cringe for many many decades.

      I think due to the climate and the heat of Christmas we look with great longing to cold Christmases and food that you actually want to eat, without sweat and flies! My great grandparents were European and their traditions carried on and they were cold climate traditions – we even sent Christmas cards with images of snow.


      • I find it so interesting culturally, since I live in a sub tropical climate, it too is very warm here on Christmas (all year) and we also wax on about snow, and the complaint is often, “it doesn’t feel like Christmas” Which makes sense to me since I grew up in the Northern area, but….when I meet someone who has spent their entire life here, I am bemused that they feel a need to wear a parka and drink cocoa…..:)


  2. did you sing the Duke of York song too? It’s one of my fav from my days of staying in state and national parks (rangers lead the campfire songs) and I sometimes perform it at work for no apparent reason.


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