I is for iron



The excitement never ends!

After a day of rest on Sunday (yes, rest from rest. It can be done, I have perfected it!) Monday rolled in, a hair combing day. Drove to neighbouring village to purchase a new steam iron.

I do not like to iron. Minerva irons tea towels. I barely iron any clothing, and then only my own. The need must have been low as it is easily three weeks or more since our old iron broke (the temperature selection dial ceased to select a level and so remains cool if not outright cold) but back to work next week and needs must to securing a replacement.

I remember when Mr FD and I married,  to receive an iron as a wedding gift was an amazing present, as they were quite expensive. And no, it was not the era of Mrs Potts irons on the wood stove, there was electricity! Today, the store was offering an iron for just $14! Less than the price of a pizza!

However, it did not offer automatic shut-off, my only prerequisite as Mr FD is somewhat forgetful on the iron switching off front. We spent too many years retracing our drive from the end of the street to unlock the house so that we could check the iron was switched off and wouldn’t burn the house down in our absence; or presence on more than one occasion!

My purchase was $59, well within my projected budget, which allowed me to also purchase three new cotton blouses for work that my new iron will slide over with ease.

I was so excited about my outing and equally exhausted by all that civilised behaviour that an afternoon nap was called for.

Stay tuned for Tuesday – a blood test and a visit with Daughter1 and Petite Fille. Oh the action never ceases!


7 thoughts on “I is for iron

  1. When you’re finished ironing, pull the plug and say the word “OUT” out loud while you look at the plug being removed from the outlet. Do the same with a curling iron. This may prevent those car turn-arounds.


  2. With Joyce on this one. When I leave the house I never remember locking the door so I say “locked” and look at the key in the keyhole as I do it. Sort of makes it stick in my head.
    Ironing in our house is “as essential” so uniform shirts for school and work and trousers. Ironing tea towels… Stuff and nonsense. Life is too short.


  3. I iron.. NEVER. If it can’t be tossed in the dryer to de-wrinkle then it must be tossed in the charity bin. I gave away my ironing board. I was surprised to see my iron in the 2nd room closet – I thought it was in a box in the garage.


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