keeping the home fires burning.



It was all go today. HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahaha.

We had a local supplier deliver a half yard of fire wood. High excitement. We didn’t have to buy wood last winter as our neighbour had chopped down a tree and gave us the wood, plus we gathered wood from our own garden, but supplies have run low for now and so a half yard of wood was the order.

The previous owners built a little raised hide for the wood, so hopefully there won’t be any snakes in this wood pile!

So we have a lovely warm fire heating the house tonight. I never get tired of sitting and watching the flames flicker and flare. Very meditative.

Holiday – one week down, one to go.


8 thoughts on “keeping the home fires burning.

  1. We are in the middle of an incredible heat wave here so it’s hard to even think of home fires but I do love them. The first one in the fall is the most magical. The cats curl up on the hearth and it’s all warm and cozy. However, today it will be all lemonade and margaritas!


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