and another one joins the flock!

baby girk

A new chick for the Flamingo Dancer flock! A very tiny chick.

My niece, my Sister and the late BIL’s daughter, gave birth to a teeny tiny 820 gram daughter this afternoon.

The poor little baby was delivered at just 29 weeks gestation as her Mummy had placenta praevia and then developed HELLP syndrome . Mummy has gone through three hours of surgery and two blood infusions and is now in intensive care. Bub didn’t need resuscitation, was quite pink and crying, all good signs.

A new special addition to the Flamingo Dancer flock, a very precious one.



8 thoughts on “and another one joins the flock!

  1. congrats to all, i’m sorry it was such a challenging beginning. and hope all is going better one of my grand babies was born at 27 weeks and now is a thriving 4 year old. medicine is amazing nowadays. welcome littlest flamingo ) beth


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