when he grows up, or is that out?

VISUAL artist Fergal McCarthy

We were sitting with laptops on our laps in our favourite chairs watching television when Mr FD looked up and spoke.

Mr FD: I have decided what I what to do with the rest of my life!

FD: And that is?

Mr FD: I am going to become a geographical formation. I think when I die, it would be nice if people said “He was a great geographical formation.”

FD: Any particular geographical formation in mind?

Mr FD: Well, I don’t think water, because I am not that great in water. Maybe a city, I could be a city.

FD: But people annoy you after awhile and cities are full of people.

Mr FD : True.

FD: How about a mountain? You are certainly hard to move most of the time.

Mr FD: An island? I might like being an island.

FD: You do have the mass for it.

And with nary another word Mr FD returned to his laptop screen.




6 thoughts on “when he grows up, or is that out?

  1. I see Mr FD as a monolith……..an outstanding and imposing natural wonder.

    (OK…I’ll leave now before you find your stick) šŸ™‚


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