more proof I am not a nice person.

queen not

It is not nice to be jealous of others or to give into envy, is it? It is probably a cardinal sin or something if that person is your own child, right? But I can’t help it.

Here I am on this Monday, suffering in bed with an attack of diverticulitis, only to receive a text from Daughter2 who has just started a six week jaunt around Europe. She is eating toast with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast and drinking beer in cathedrals in the Netherlands and I am … well, here country Australia.

I know I should be proud of her achievements, and happy for her success that allows her the luxury of regular travel. I mean, I can take some credit – I produced her! There is just this little part of me, filled with evilosity that just wants to explode.

Yes, I am also the mother that eats the last piece of cake.


6 thoughts on “more proof I am not a nice person.

  1. Recently a few of our closest friends have taken trips overseas, splashing out on European cruises and orient expresses etc……..just a little part of me wishes that all their photographs might be erased by some miracle of airport technology on their return. I am a bad person.

    Hope you’re feeling better FD.


  2. I hope your daughter remembers her mother, lying in her bed of woe, and brings her back something wonderful from Europe. I do know what it’s like to envy one’s children: every time mine sends me photos of them standing in front of some tourist attraction in sunny Los Angeles or chic Manhattan, a part of me gnashes her teeth and identifies with Snow White’s evil stepmother. I remind myself that my children grew up deprived of a father (not that I think much of growing up with mine) and made many sacrifices to get through college, but still, sitting here in my cottage and staring at the computer screen as the evil queen stared at her magic mirror, I wish I could travel to far-off places myself.

    I hope you feel better soon. It is wretched to be in pain, particularly abdominal pain.


  3. hope this passes soon. sound painful.
    No, its not that bad. I think we live at least part of our lives through our kids and their victories are partly ours. Its their turn now. 🙂


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