the morning rose up and attacked

sleep eye


It is becoming a bad habit; switching the alarm off and falling back to sleep. This morning I woke an hour and a half after I normally rise in the morning! I ended up eating my breakfast toast in the car, something I have never done in my life. I guess it is always good to shake your life up and try something new from time to time, but rushing out the door, breakfast in hand was never on my to do list.

Then, I made the trek from my car to the library before I realised that I had left my laptop in the car, and so back to the car. Well, I would have gone straight back to my car, but I had to turn around half way back to retrieve my car keys which I had left on my office desk. By this time I had Minerva in stitches of laughter and another colleague telling me perhaps I should just drive back home and go back to bed.

The day was finished with an extra three hours of professional development for all staff after school. Yay!

Now can I sleep in peace?


13 thoughts on “the morning rose up and attacked

  1. It always seems that when ONE thing goes wrong to throw off your timing, then other things start stacking up to cause even more timing. At least you made it on time. (And you’ll probably wake up extra early on Saturday morning … just because).


  2. I’ve always found it useful to view the alarm clock as an enemy, not a friend. There is no alarm in the world I’ll trust to wake me…….I’ve GOT TO wake up at least an hour beforehand and switch it off.
    Perhaps I need counselling….or tranquillizers.


  3. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m running late, I hit every stoplight on my way to work or wherever I’m headed. Ditto getting held back by all the little nuisances—important items forgotten in the car, lost documents and papers, even once hitting a dead deer lying in the middle of the road. (Can we say, roadkill burger? The front grill of my car was a mess.)

    Perhaps next time you’ve overslept, it might be better if you called in sick? Cough and groan a little when you tell the office you have been struck with a 24-hour bug.


    • Friday morning I had a doctor’s appointment, for which I had just enough time to make and lo there was a traffic accident that slowed the highway to a crawl. Luckily the doctor was running late!

      We have to call in sick by 6.30am, and then we also have to send in our lesson plans so it is a lot of work to be ill!


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