A little luck and coincidence


It can only be called a day of rainbows. We saw one this morning as we were driving in the city, and another this afternoon on the return trip. The afternoon rainbow was spectacular and we could see the illusion of where it actually entered the earth. We thought about looking for the pot of gold, but Mr FD declared that he fully expected the leprechaun to play a trick upon us.

And he is the one with the Irish ancestors! If the Irish don’t believe, then who will?

car suit

Colleague was interviewed for a promotion today, one of four candidates. I have been helping her with information and background for the interview questions over the past few days. She parked at the interview office, and was walking down the street, when she saw – me, alighting from Mr FD’s car!

I was going to professional development at the same site, but she didn’t know! The look on her face when she saw me was hilarious, as for a moment she thought I was one of the other candidates – and was taken aback as I had supplied her with so much support!

I knew she was being interviewed but had assumed it was back at our school, not at a regional office. She had not known I was going to professional development today, nor was aware that I went to the regional office for it when I did!

Once she recovered she said it was nice to have a friendly face before the interview, and was grateful that I could help her through the complex to the office where she had to go for her interview. I hope she gets it – friends in high places are always good!


2 thoughts on “A little luck and coincidence

  1. Sounds like a good good day. 🙂 Hope she gets it too. Ah and that helping of your colleague…kind of breaks down your stern image! Are you still felting animals?


    • Oh dear, image damage. I shall be mean to six students tomorrow just to compensate! And I can report, that she did get the job. We are all so excited for she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. And yes, I am still felting, not as much as I wold love though.


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