think your life is shit?

Housewife cleaning bathroom

Next time I am having a “bad” week I will try to reflect on the week that a young couple of our acquaintance have just endured.

Young Husband walked down the stairs to the lower level of their house, to find himself ankle deep in sewerage. It wasn’t just their plumbing that had blocked up, it was the city’s sewerage that had over flooded. Ankle deep in faeces.

Days later after the clean up, Young Wife arrived home to find the living areas of their home totally ransacked and everything of value stolen.


I am probably not the only one suspecting that someone involved in the cleanup may have noticed their assets and returned at a later date.


7 thoughts on “think your life is shit?

  1. I clicked on “like” but not because I liked the sad news, but because I wanted you to know I’d stopped by. Then I wondered if you would think I liked that the young couple was ankle-deep in . . . misfortune, so I felt a need to explain myself. I think I’ll stop explaining now while I might be ahead.

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  2. Ugh. As if things weren’t miserable enough, some piece of excrement disguised as a human being has to make it worse. One hopes the municipal government and/or home owners’ insurance reimburses them for their grief.


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