Till death us do slave


horridMy body always betrays me. I was almost to the end of the crazy chaotic fortnight of author visits, open days, parent teacher interviews, school photos, meetings, classes and general mayhem, when I physically hit the health wall and became ill.

The last couple of nights I went to bed very early, at 7pm, but I still went down and spent Friday in bed suffering aches, pains, fever, blurry eyesight, and with a general weakness. Today is only slightly better. How boring.

Many of the teaching staff fell ill over the past week, clearly due to the heavy workload in recent weeks and only having one day off in the past two working weeks. The Deputy Principal, a man in his early forties, collapsed in the school yard and was rushed to the emergency room as well. He is still undergoing tests, but we all suspect it was the workload. Teachers, over worked, under paid and rarely appreciated.

The good thing is that next week is only a four day week as there is a public holiday in our school district for the local show (agricultural show historically, a bit like America’s Fairs). I am using the day to visit my doctor just in case my physical woes are more serious than exhaustion – last time I felt this tired I was diagnosed with cancer!

I will also visit Petite Fille, who is now quite the little girl and the two words she says most are “Play” and “Tired”. Like her mother at that age she knows only GO! until exhausted. A very active mind to occupy. Sad to think that life will teach her to say “Work and tired” all too soon.

In between is another trip to the city for more professional development during which I have to deliver a short presentation.

Yes, Mr Prime Minister, I can keep this up until I am seventy, or until I die which may be a lot sooner and suit your evil plans even better. It is an enduring tragedy that voters do not think through the ramifications of their vote, instead of voting emotively. What is the old adage? We get the government we deserve? Me thinks we often do because we don’t think critically.



5 thoughts on “Till death us do slave

  1. Isn’t it horrid, politicians insisting that we work until we reach 70 before we can collect our pensions, or die in our traces first? What really gets me is that they all get to collect a pension as soon as they get booted out of office. It almost makes me want to run for office, except I couldn’t stand sitting next to the rest of them.

    I hope you feel better before you see Petite Fille. Teachers should receive combat pay just for being exposed to all the germs brought in by countless students who never wash their hands or cover their noses and mouths when they sneeze.


  2. But why are all of you so over worked? There is something seriously wrong with the school if ALL of you are strained beyond physical limits. Perhaps you must raise the issue with the management.


  3. Your colleague collapsed and yet the powers that be still don’t see a problem?
    Get well FD and wield that stick where it counts.


  4. Yes it is all too soon we learn that “play” takes a back seat and that the work-life balance is severely tilted. I only have one friend who trained as a teacher still teaching (in Au) and she feels exhausted just about all the time.


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